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Onderwijscentrum Brussel

The Brussels Education Centre (OCB) wants to lend Brussels Dutch-speaking education an extra hand to create a powerful learning environment.

So as to attain the final objectives, it wants to make the most of the social, cultural and linguistic diversity of all children in a school environment that puts much store by well-being and involvement. In this way, the OCB wants to increase the chances of every child. This extra support may range from developing a language policy, implementing language-skills education (and ICT), learning to deal with diversity to boosting parent and resident involvement.

On the basis of changing needs or new choices the Brussels Education Centre can also support other contents.


The Brussels Education Centre (Onderwijscentrum Brussel) supports the Brussels Dutch-speaking schools in a number of ways.


Dutch-speaking schools in Brussels can apply for tailored support in relation to one of the education centre's core contents: language and multilingualism, parent and neighbourhood involvement, ICT and media literacy, dealing with diversity.

At the school team's request, the centre will put a 1-year support project in place. The support provided is cross-network in nature and is ensured in collaboration with the regular counselling services. As the support officer has a coaching role only, the school invariably retains ownership of the project.

At that, the Brussels Education Centre also supports the local Community Schools (Brede Scholen) via the Platform Brede School Brussel (Brussels Community School Platform).

Training and exchange

The Brussels Education Centre organises training courses and exchanges for teachers, school boards and Community School coordinators. The themes tie in with one of the core contents or focus specifically on the work of the Community School coordinator.

Education Library

The Brussels Education Centre boasts an extensive education library. Anyone looking for learning tools and information about education in a multilingual and metropolitan context is welcome to visit the library. Membership is free but can only be obtained in the education library itself.

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Research and Development

The study service provides the scientific basis for the activities of the OCB (Brussels Education Centre). Within the framework of expertise development, the study service actively monitors what is going on in the world of education. Research, legislation and current topics are the main focus of attention. The activities of the study service allow the Brussels Education Centre to rapidly respond to any changing needs within education. 

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The Brussels Education Centre develops expertise in relation to the challenges Dutch-speaking education in Brussels is facing: language, dealing with diversity, parent and neighbourhood participation and ICT and media literacy. In addition, the Brussels Education Centre also supports the local Community Schools, via the Platform Brede School Brussel (Brussels Community School Platform).


The Brussels Education Centre supports teachers and school teams in terms of developing a specific language policy and offering task based language learning, with due regard for the class population's multilingualism.

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The Brussels school population is amazingly diverse. Social background, religion, age, physical and mental capabilities... vary from child to child. Likewise, there are extensive differences in the languages spoken at home, the cultural background and the environment children are reared in. All of these characteristics affect a child's learning. The Brussels Education Centre helps teachers (teacher teams) to turn the diversity amongst their pupils into a helpful learning tool.

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Further, specific information on dealing with deprivation within education (in Dutch)

Parental and neighbourhood involvement

The Brussels context is defined by great cultural diversity, a multilingual population and a high rate of deprivation . These characteristics tend to disrupt open and fluent communication and collaboration between schools and parents. The Brussels Education Centre strengthens school teams in constructing a valuable partnership between the school, its parents and the neighbourhood.

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Community Schools

In a Community School, organisations from various sectors join forces with one or several schools.  Their collaboration is shaped by the needs, shortages,  talents and capabilities of the city's children and youngsters. Schools, organisations, parents and neighbourhood unite their strengths to create an extended learning and living environment where every child and adolescent is offered maximum development opportunities.

Via the Platform Brede School Brussel (Brussels Community School Platform), the Brussels Education Centre supports and monitors the quality of the local Community Schools in Brussels. For further information on Community Schools in Brussels, please read the brochure (published in English).

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ICT and media literacy

One of the tasks of education is to teach pupils how to deal with ICT and the media in a safe, conscious and critical manner. The Brussels Education Centre supports any school keen to use ICT as a powerful learning tool. By using the media in an active and creative fashion, schools can foster social participation.

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The Brussels Education Centre supports various projects that tie in with one or several of its core contents. More often than not, these projects are carried out in partnership with other Brussels organisations.

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About OCB

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